TMV Servicing

TMV or Thermostatic Mixer Valve is a device that is designed to control water temperature for showers, baths and outlets. These devices require servicing on a regular bases in order for them to function correctly.

Servicing will entail checking the TMV to see if the valves operate as they should and can be set between 39-43°C which is the recommended temperature range for hot water outlets where a TMV is installed.

Once the TMV servicing safety check has been completed successfully we will isolate and strip the TMV down to clean, descale and disinfect the strainers. This cleaning is important to ensure there is no dirt that could lead to bacteria growth such as Legionella. We then re-assemble the TMV and install back to original location double checking safety features such as the fail safe mechanism and lastly ensure the correct temperature is achieved.

It is a requirement that all TMV’s are checked at least annually (depending on your organisation) to ensure they are still achieving the desired temperature. If temperature control fluctuates more than 2 degrees from the original setting then a full service will be required. The valves can easily become scaled or blocked which needs to be rectified to ensure they work correctly.


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