Microbiological Sampling

Microbiological monitoring, whether it be for Legionella Pneumophila, e-coli, coliforms or total viable counts are all carried out by independent UKAS accredited laboratory. This ensures impartial analysis and certificated results and a detailed report on our findings and recommendations.
Safe Aqua Limited are able to assist with potability tests, lead and other metal ion analysis and many other environmental and water hygiene tests.

The Process;

  • A sterile water sample bottle is used for collection with care being taken to completely avoid contact with the tap or any other contaminants, and the sample is quickly secured
  • The sample is then labelled and taken to a UKAS-accredited laboratory within 24 hours for analysis, during the 24 hr period the sample will be kept in a cool box or refrigerator
  • The engineer will complete copies of an engineer worksheet for customer site and our records
  • Sample results become available ten days after testing and certificates issued
  • Should any contaminate be identified during water sample testing the laboratory will contact us immediately. We will liaise with the site contact and advise on what remedial actions are necessary.


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