Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are widely used because they are a cost effective way of cooling water in processes. Fouled cooling towers and systems have been shown to reduce efficiency by 40% to 50%. This inefficiency increases operating costs.

Most companies perform a risk management process to determine the frequency of cooling tower cleaning, but it is generally accepted practice to clean a cooling tower and to carry out cooling tower chlorination twice a year.

In climates where a cooling tower is taken out of service over the winter months, the tower and cooling systems should be cleaned at the end of the operational season and then again before being placed back into service in the spring. This reduces the opportunity for Legionella growth.

In some situations the fill pack cannot be removed, in this instance we can complete a thorough inspection of the fill pack with the use of a top of the range Borescope. we then produce a photographic report with the findings.

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